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Name:Sam's Graphics and Designs
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Welcome to Marilla's Graphic & Designs Community. Finally!
Here you will find all my graphics (icons, headers, wallpaper ...), Tutorials, Layouts...

My fictions and ramble are posted at [personal profile] luv_sam and everything else the personal and the very personal is posted here : [personal profile] marilla_pm67
If you take a Graphic from this community, please credit to either [personal profile] marilla_pm67 or [community profile] marillart.

Here how to credit properly : Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Don't Hotlink
  • Free Image hosts can be found at photobucket, Imageshacks and tinypic
  • Please comment (because I'm really Addicted of comments)
  • Please ask if you want to edit one of the posted icons
  • If you repost some of my graphics, don't claim them as your own.
  • Wallpapers are intended for desktop wallpaper use only. You MAY NOT use them for icons, graphics, layouts, banners, or anything other than your personal desktop wallpaper!
To see the graphics, simply join the community. Requests are very welcomed.


Brushes & Textures
- DevianArt
- ___candyrain;
- Alaskaicons;
- Bombay;
- Colortone;
- Darkangel_alone;
- draconis393;
- lady-bant-eerin;
- lakicons_texture;
- Ch4ron.

- Hybrid-genesis
- OotM - Obsession Of the Moment
- Close your eyes

- [profile] velvetdreams
- [profile] ch_photoshopped
- [personal profile] rebeccama
- [profile] arisubox
- [profile] falanyel86
- [profile] colofilter
- [personal profile] rebeccama
- [profile] 77words
- [profile] throw_elijah HERE
- [profile] mscreations

- [community profile] 100x100_brushes - [profile] brushaddicts - [profile] icongradient
- [profile] icon_extras - [profile] brokenicon

- [community profile] icon_tutorial - [profile] icongradients - [profile] icon_textures
- [profile] icon_extras - [community profile] 100x100_brushes - [profile] awmpdotnet
- [profile] mutsie_brushes

Fonts :

Free Fonts - FontFace Simply The Best - Top100-websites

Images Mostly from here :
- Best of Ewan - Desiring Hayden - Hayden Love - Orlando Love - What love Means - What love Means - Gallery

- [profile] b_j_recaps, - [profile] randy_daily, - [profile] qaf_daily, - [profile] hires_hayden, - [profile] hayden_fans, - [profile] ewan_sharing, - [community profile] cap_it, - [profile] basicbases, - [profile] ibedesign,

- [personal profile] lennongirl, - [personal profile] imadra_blue, - [profile] blue_hobbit, - [profile] asdv, - [profile] summerinabaddon, - [profile] sandstorm63, - [personal profile] prettygood

Images for the Torchwood Graphics are mostly from:

- [personal profile] beathen from this post - [personal profile] marishna, - [personal profile] kerrsmith2306 - [personal profile] sin_attract - [personal profile] jhava - [personal profile] smirnoffmule - [profile] kingbantam Also from Google Images

Images for the SGA Graphics are mostly from:

- [profile] ariane179254 - [profile] street_of_mercy - Gateworld - Also from Google Images

Images for Twilight

- EverGlowmedia | Twilight Australia | Twilight Eternity | Bella And Edward | Twilighters Tiny Icons :
From Here


Layout Version 4.0
Based on the Flexible Square layout >br> Based on the code from [profile] passing_girl posted Here

Color, fonts and other modification, Me.

Layout Version 3.0
Based on the Bloggish layout / Theme Knitting
Based on the code from [personal profile] grrliz posted in [community profile] thefulcrum

Color, fonts and other modification, Me.

Layout Version 2.0
Based on the Bloggish layout / No theme
Based on the code from [profile] belletrix posted in [profile] nox_gfx Color, fonts and other modification, Me.

Thanks to
Layout 2.0 : [profile] nox_gfx,
Layout 3.0 : [community profile] thefulcrum,
[profile] s2bloggish, [profile] s2_bloggish, [profile] carriep63_stuff for the tips and tricks so that the layout works.


[profile] d_b_e / [profile] viexicons / [profile] ibedesign / [profile] blackeyed_art / [community profile] ai_graphics
[profile] bq_bj_layouts / [profile] b_q_infected / [profile] vanished_kunst
[profile] qafvids / [profile] bj_icontest / [profile] bj_lims [profile] qaf_citypress / [profile] qaf_cordial / [profile] qaf_sanctuary / [profile] whatsup_qaf /

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